Equal LGBT Gay Marriage Rights Movement

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For years, the world has been closer to acceptance of gay and lesbian marriage rights. On May 17, 2004, the state of Massachusetts became the first United States state to legalize same-sex marriage. Our company brings you the latest information, news and stories on the same-sex gender marriage rights.

Equal Gay Marriage Rights Movement

Our newly formed gay and lesbian freedom to marry organization is dedicated to supporting the LGBT community through difficult times. This is the time here, at to really get into the nuts and bolts of same-sex marriage rights. We are currently meeting regularly on these topics and will continue to do so with more information being posted on our website.

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Freedom to Marry for Gays and Lesbians Equality Rights

Winning the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Freedom to Marry was such a relief, but at the same time a memorable experience. It proves once and for all that the entire LGBT community is equal and our right for marriage with the help of the Supreme Court made it a reality. Social media has played an important role lately as reddit and Snapchat have captured most of our attention.

A National LGBT Organization Operating from Florida

Operating out of Miami, Florida, our formally founded LGBT organization provides relevant gay and lesbian news. Our leadership council consists of current gay married couples, sex shop toy owners, and six of the biggest dick gay and lesbian voices in our state. This council votes bi-monthly on current events, providing free videos, selfies of gay men and displays those results right here on our organization’s website.

Human Rights Campaign Lead by Gay & Lesbian Married Couples

Not too long ago, we couldn’t get a sniff of gay marriage being legal. June 26, 2015 was one of the best days in our lives as it marked the Supreme Court to rule in favor of same-sex marriage. Some people who are against it weren’t very happy at all. However, we all learned valuable lessons throughout the entire process.

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It all started with winning legislative campaigns. Then, thanks to social media platforms like facebook, Twitter, Instagram, reddit and Snapchat – it took off even more. One of the reasons why is because our voice was able to be heard even more. Major influencers came to help and we appreciate everything the LGBT community did for us.

We can’t forget winning because of voting and public support. People reaching out to their dearest friends asking for support. Even some straight people (mostly family members) did show the support that was necessary for all of us to win.

Final Thoughts

As we move forward in life, we want to focus on success. More importantly, keeping that success going. That’s why we formed our newly established organization, right here in Miami, Florida. It is with honor, dignity and persistence that we write to you today to not stop thinking about how we got to this place in time. Keep pushing through the difficult times and let’s all support gay and lesbian equal marriage rights together.

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